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This page contains several English teaching resources that I have made available.
Primarily, I am interested in CALL. So far I have not seen any CALL that is a good replacement for actual teaching, but I do think technology is very useful for education.
First, it ways to automate grading and therefore maximize the amount of time spent in educating.
Second, it can allow students to learn at their own pace and either slow down or speed up lecture materials in the inverted classroom

Courses Taught

Ongoing Projects

Building on the success I had using cell phones in the classroom with off the shelf technology, I've expanded and started to develop my own LMS (Learning Management Software). It's a PHP-MySQL platform designed for use with an IPad for in class management and all modern smartphones for homework, tests, surveys, and quizzes.
This project is still in the beta phase, but I've used it to manage most of my classes while teaching at Hokkaido University of Education.
This has involved at least 10 different classes averaging forty students per class and two instructors.
Flipped Classroom Critical Thinking
As part of my current teaching, I work with students who are non-native speakers of English. At the same time, as a philosopher by profession, I do not want tomake my classes mere English classes. As a solution, I have started to use a flipped lecture style for this class. What that means is that my lectures are freely available on youtube. Students watch them as homework. I start each class with questions and a quiz. Then we work on more advanced problems that build on the knowledge in class. (I welcome comments and suggestions for how to do this better).
The video part of this work is available for use on youtube. The in-class exercises are being revised each semester to more effectively teach critical thinking concepts.

Completed Projects

The title is a bit of a misnomer, but my goal here is to show how to do quizzes and other homework assignments using cellphones. No trees get killed. There's no need to manually collect things.
This project produced both a regional higher education presentation and an upcoming publication in JALT's OnCue Journal